About Us

Mio Amore offers you possibly the widest range in Bakery and Confectionary wares in Eastern India and captivates you to fall in love with its wide array of mouthwatering items, freshly made – just as you like it.

Italian for, ‘My dearest’, Mio Amore as a brand believes in delighting its Customers by delivering on its promise for good food with consistent quality, every time. This is why, whenever you step into a Mio Amore Store, you are reassured by the positive difference in approach and thinking.

Our carefully designed and frequently updated menu for Cakes, Handmade Cookies, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Savouries, Sweets and Chocolates at Mio Amore is much appreciated by our Customers.

During the past 25 years, we have understood the art of baking exquisite delicacies to the satisfaction of the refined, ever inquisitive palates of our discerning patrons, and hence it is not surprising therefore that we have been recognized with awards such as, ‘Most Admired Retailer of The Year’ for Food Service.

As the journey continues, we hope we create stronger bindings, even life-long bonds,as you start your affair – “storiad’amore con Mio Amore”.